Stomach Bug

When you are pregnant, especially with your first baby, you tend to be hypersensitive to every little thing. Plus, every sudden symptom that pops up has you questioning the health of your baby and fills you with a new wave of worry.

This morning, I woke up in a sweat, almost completely drenched. My stomach was in the worst pain I could imagine, and it was cramping in a way that had me rolling out of bed and staggering to the bathroom.

In the back of my mind, the only thing I was thinking was that something was seriously wrong, and my biggest fear was that I was having a miscarriage. After going pee and seeing no bleeding, I wondered what the hell else it could be. The pain was intense, and I thought if I wasn’t losing my baby, maybe my baby was coming.

This brought on another wave of fear and worry.


At 24 weeks I am pretty small. My stomach had just popped two weeks ago and although my doctor says I am exactly where I am supposed to be, I was thinking there is no way my little kiwi is big enough to survive right now.

My anxiety was at a level I hadn’t experienced before. Sitting in my bathroom, I tried to calm down enough to think everything through.

Now, get ready for me to over share. This is a blog about parenting and pregnancy, and there are bound to be some gross things that happen to us during both.

Since I got pregnant, my bowel movements have been anything but regular. The iron supplements I have to take because of my anemia have me completely backed up and there were times during my first few months of pregnancy where I was so bloated I thought I was showing because my pipes were so backed up.

Sitting there, sweating my ass off and cramping like nobodies business, I thought back to when I was a little kid and would get really constipated. So much so that I was doubled up in bed with cold sweats. My mom would give me a cup of tea and put me in the bath to get things moving along. The pain I was feeling now seemed similar.

When I thought about it, having been around kids when there was a stomach bug going around that had them on the toilet either bent over and camped out made me think that could also have something to do with it.

Hobbling to the kitchen, I brewed a pot of decaf coffee in hopes that it would trick my body into going to the bathroom. Coffee had been something that kept me regular before pregnancy. With the coffee brewed, I practically chugged it back and waited.

Low and behold, things started moving along. Way more than I would have hoped. I spent a total of an hour and a half in the bathroom, moaning and groaning, and cramping.

I would love to tell you that was the end of it, that I got up, got ready for work and enjoyed the rest of my day.

Well, I did call my doctor right away and explain my symptoms. We had discussed the stomach bug at my last appointment which was just last week, because she knew it was going around and wanted to warn me of the symptoms, what to look out for, and what to do. However, pregnant and paranoid, I gave her a call. She confirmed it was indeed that treacherous stomach bug that was going around and told me if I experienced any bleeding or anything like that to come in.

I went on with my day… cautiously.

After almost pooping my pants twice, I made it home in one piece. Just because I am a worrier, I downed two glasses of ice water, laid on the couch on my side and waited for my little kiwi to kick the crap out of me and let me know everything was okay in there.

I am pretending not to see those side glances from my dog as I toot and watch Netflix.

Hoping this passes soon!