A Whole Year Spent

It’s crazy to think that a little over a year ago I was an independent person. I was in charge of when I ate my meals, when I slept, what I did with all my time. I showered and slept alone, slept in, and spent my time however I wanted to. I arrived for appointments and functions ON TIME.

A year ago, I was a completely different person. I was not yet a mother.

And then she arrived.

Her birth couldn’t come fast enough, but once she arrived, it seemed as though time jumped into hyperspeed. If you asked me when she was born, how it all went, I could retell the story as though it were just yesterday. Every detail of that day is still so vivid in my mind. Yet, when I look back over this past year I can’t believe where all the time went.

How did I get here?

I’d love to use this post to look back and tell you all the things I’ve learned along the way. I could say that after a year, I have parenthood all figured out, but that’s not true. Every day is another battle, and I am standing in the line of fire with no armour armed with nothing but a banana and some Gerber Puffs.

One thing I have learned is there is no such thing as a perfect parent. What is perfect for one child will be chaos for another. You can feed them organic everything, never feed them artificial sugars or processed food and still feel like you’re losing the battle. You can cook a quick, easy meal that requires mostly heating up and feel like you’re killing it.

When you strip all the Instagram photos away, wipe off the make-up and the forced smile you wore through eight repeat playings of Old MacDonald, the only thing that really matters is your baby’s happiness.

Whether that means scheduled naps, healthy snacks, playdates and book time, or endless cuddles, eating from your bowl, and watching movies, their happiness outranks everything else all those articles are telling you to do.

Take lots of pictures, live in the moment as often as you can. Skip cleaning, or doing the dishes, they will always be there but your baby won’t always be so small. You’ll blink and they’ll be gone and you’ll be missing it all, wishing you had stolen more moments with you babies while you had them.

Love them as much as you can while they let you! That’s the best way to be the best parent you can.

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