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For those of you who have been following my parenting blog, you have probably noticed that I have gone MIA in the past few weeks. Why? Well, first off because my computer decided quite suddenly that it no longer wanted to work and was going to go on a bit of a vacation.

As someone who considers herself somewhat tech savvy, this was especially infuriating. I had made the switch from Mac products to PC mostly for price point. After buying my first MacBook back in 2009 and being so in love with it, it slowly started to deteriorate over the past year and buying a new one with a baby on the way seemed impractical. Also, they seem to just be making the newer models smaller and smaller. What I loved about my original MacBook, you know, the one with the one rounded unibody was that it was  little heavy, it was durable. I liked the fact that I could write for hours and then just tuck it back behind my couch cushions and now worry about it getting damaged at all.

Now just picking up the newer laptops and holding them in my hand makes me wonder if I am responsible enough for those sleek, light models. I have a baby on the way, and even before that I am not the most agile person. Some tend to refer to me as a clutz, or clumsy. Smaller for me, is not better.

It’s why I own the largest iPhone. Because I have dropped three in the toilet… that’s right people. THREE! Getting a phone to big to fit in my back pocket seemed the only solution and it has been working out well so far.

So price point and overall durability had pushed me back to PC. All was well, I could do things for a lot less money like upgrade my RAM, graphics cards, I could play way more PC games, which is a pastime my husband and I like to do together. However, I forgot just how frustrating an issue with a PC could be. With my Mac I would just run a program that would fix everything for me and it was pretty much smooth sailing after that. With a PC you have to know all these codes, you have to know how to run and operate Powershell, you have to research all these little things and even then, you can be staring at a blank screen in frustration.

It has literally been something I have been trying to fix for weeks. With my work schedule, my fatigue and the fact that for whatever reason sitting at my desk tends to make my feet swell up twice their size, I haven’t been putting in the effort to really come up with a solution.

With Friday being my last day of work and me finally being on Maternity Leave, I figured today was the day. I was going to figure everything out, and luckily… I DID!

So I am back, ladies and gents. Back to documenting my journey with just a month left to go.

Buckle up, I have a feeling things are about to get a little more exciting!

Until next time, keep on pretending folks.

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