Little Ears Can Finally Hear

As a first time mom-to-be, I have downloaded over a dozen apps on my phone to track my pregnancy and the progress of my baby. I have no idea where I am supposed to be, when appointments need to be booked, how big my baby is, or at what stage they are. Theses apps help me feel connected in some way.

Opening the apps in the morning as religiously as some people open their Facebook, I like seeing how many weeks I am, how many days I have left to go, how big my baby is. What I like most of all, are the apps that tell you something new about the stage of your baby every day. It’s how I learned that my baby is covered in tiny little hairs that regulate it’s temperature in the womb, or when my baby had fingernails, or when their eyes opened. These are all things I would have been in the dark about before.

The big thing for me was learning when my baby would become sensitive or aware of certain things, like sound and light.

Knowing that my baby’s ears had developed and he or she could now pick up my voice and start to recognize it filled me with an excitement that used to be reserved for 24 hour breakfast diners.

My apps recommended I talk to the baby, sing, do all these little things like play music for them and stuff. I was delighted, but it seemed to be more difficult than I had thought. Mostly it consisted of me talking out loud to myself while my dog stared at me like a crazy person, realizing most headphones would NOT fit over my bump, and getting weird stares from my husband when I told him to talk to the baby. “Uh, what do I say?”

I would roll my eyes and act as though he was being ridiculous but that had been my exact thought when I started doing it.

Is there a way to do this without feeling silly? Probably not. My husband and I are still kids at hearts at times, and neither of us can resist teasing one another. My husband’s favourite pass time is mocking me when I say something that doesn’t make sense.. even to myself. This is the kind of grown up relationship we have.

Tackling things like talking to my stomach is definitely something that has us both feeling a little odd. Maybe in time we will just grow used to it. I will start monologuing to my unborn baby about my awesomeness, exaggerating my story, narrating my life in the kind of way that makes me seem like a heroine that most people wish they were, whose story is told across the world.

Did I ever mention I am a dramatic person?

Anyway, until then the two of us will both just pretend we are doing something completely normal until it… becomes normal. Isn’t that how life works?

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