Movements At 24 Weeks

Hey all,

Anyone who has been keeping up with my blog so far knows that I have a bun in the oven and am on my way to being a mommy. Anyone who hasn’t, shame on you… you should be reading my awesome blog and know this about me by now! (Kidding!)

One of the first things I started to wonder about when I got pregnant was the baby’s movements. You are growing a whole person inside of you, and there is always some way your body is trying to remind you of that. In the beginning, those reminders are ones that have you taking your shoes off, throwing your feet off and hoping it will pass. Some of these fun things are nausea, vomiting, aches and pains, boobs that are suddenly bigger but a thousand times more sensitive than they have ever been, bloating, never-ending gas, need I go on?

Now I have known women who have hoped and prayed for these symptoms to pass as they move further along into their pregnancy, only to get the unpleasant surprise that they would be sticking around until the end. With my brother’s poor girlfriend, she was throwing up constantly, almost every day, unable to keep any semblance of food down. This lasted right up until she delivered my beautiful nephew.

Those symptoms for me didn’t last quite as long, all though when I was in the thick of it, I felt like I was sinking in quicksand and would never find my way out. I was falling asleep in moments when I thought I was just blinking, battling nausea throughout the whole day while struggling to hide it from all the five-year olds I was working with, throwing up all hours of the day and if anyone even came close to my boobs they would ache as though they were getting branded by hot pokers.

Most of these symptoms stopped at around 12/13 weeks. Sure, I still toot like a tug boat and I have a new ache and pain that resurfaces every day, but I think at this point I am through the thick of it.

At around 18 weeks and three days, something happened that made everything else seem worth it. I was lying on the couch, topless with my little bump hanging out (as is customary now that none of my shirts seem to fit the way they used to and I haven’t given in to maternity clothing yet) and I looked down and saw a small ripple move across my belly. I had been feeling little flutters and everything for at least two weeks prior to this, but my doctor had told me there probably wouldn’t be any movement that could be seen from the outside or that my husband would be able to feel until at least 20 weeks in.

Amazed, I stayed perfectly still, my eyes glued to my belly. A second later, I could see my little kiwi pushing outward, in really strong, obvious movements. Right away I pulled out my phone and tried to record it. Now, my baby decides to be shy and won’t move until of course I give up and put the phone down, then BAM! another strong hit/kick.

I had to laugh to myself in a way, because all of my ultrasounds, the technician has told me how my baby moves so much and refuses to cooperate. I experienced this first hand while sitting there, trying to record my stomach moving for about an hour.

When I texted my husband excited about the new development, he was jealous and of course spent the night trying to see/feel for himself. Again, our difficult baby refused to move. It was a playful battle, him sitting there with his hand on my belly for hours, trying to will and bribe little kiwi to move.

Now, at 24 weeks, I can pretty much time baby’s movements. Kiwi is up at about 6:20am every morning, kicking the crap out of me until about 8:00am when it’s break time. Then throughout the day, almost nothing. A few flutters here and there, sometimes when I am bending over and limiting the space in there I will get a kick letting me know Kiwi is uncomfortable. Then I get home from work, chill out and do what needs to be done, and almost nothing. Then 9:45pm comes around and BAM! WELCOME TO WRESTLEMANIA. TONIGHT, IT IS KIWI AGAINST MOMMY. THE MATCH WILL LAST UNTIL AROUND 3 IN THE MORNING! DING-DING-DING!

Now, when things become THIS routine, it is both comforting and stressful. I find myself waiting, watching the clock. I smirk to myself when it starts again, yet since I was hit with this stomach bug Kiwi has been eerily still. The mornings I would feel a flutter or two, but none of the fierce kicks and movements I had become so accustomed to. Again, the same thing was happening at night. What this meant, was I had turned into this worried monster, conjuring up all sorts of bad case scenarios in my head.

For other mommies-to-be going through this, there are a few things you can do. Down one or two glasses of ice-cold water and then go and lie on your side and wait. Usually babe will start kicking or resuming the movements you had started to feel were normal. If that doesn’t get them moving, something with sugar usually will.

I tried both of those things and although I did feel movements, they lacked the ferocity of the kid who had the Championship Belt for kicks.

For first time moms, every change seems like it is the biggest deal. We don’t know what’s normal and what’s not. From the phone calls I made to my gynecologist and my OBGYN, they stated that movements can not be considered routine or normal until 28 weeks. It is normal for babies in the womb to go through lulls at this stage, and it wasn’t much to stress about.

Easier said than done.

With little to no movement both Friday, and Saturday, but Saturday night I was ready to go to the hospital just to be sure. My husband told me to do what I felt would make me less stressed. The decision was up to me, he couldn’t tell me what was normal or what wasn’t, all he could do was support my decision either way. So, shoes on, stressed on, we were heading out the door kwhen BAM!


I sat down in a relaxed position in hopes to give Kiwi full range of the ring. Awake and ready to wrestle, non-stop powerful movements kept up for about an hour.

Whew! I let out a sigh of relief. I had been so stressed out about this, the quiet had me tied up in knots. It just goes to show that nothing in pregnancy is predicatable. I had been pretending I knew exactly what this pregnancy and these movements were about at 24 weeks, but it turned out I was doing just that… pretending.

Today, I am more relaxed and feeling good, planning on kicking my feet up and challenging the champion to a rematch!

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