Pregnant During A Heatwave

Heatwaves are not fun, like… ever. What makes any heatwave even worse? Being pregnant.

This past week in Toronto has had humidity hitting up at the +30s. What this means is the interior of my apartment, which doesn’t turn on the A/C until June 1st every year, has been at least ten degrees warmer than that.

Every single day I get home from work, I literally strip off every article of clothing and stand in front of a fan as long as I can before moving the fan and my swollen, sweaty self to the couch to continue doing nothing. The heat makes me sticky, cranky, swollen, sore, and extremely tired!

Not to mention, with my job I spend a good number of hours outdoors in the sun walking around with five year olds. My feet are swollen, I have a waterfall of sweat going down my spine and pooling in my butt crack, and the struggle to find cool and breezy clothes that fit while I am in that phase between my regular clothing and maternity wear is a battle that I am drawing closer and closer to losing every single day.

These past couple of weeks have been unbearable.

Even my poor dog has been affected by the heat. With the temperatures in our apartment, I have been given him ice cubes constantly, and placing him in front of the fan when I can. What makes it a little harder on him, is with me being pregnant, he is quite clingy and wants to be next to me and my growing bump at all times.


Would you look at that hot and exhausted face?

I would love to say this blog has some tips on how to keep cool in this excruciating heat, but alas, buckle up and get ready to be uncomfortable. There isn’t much to be done. Just keep hydrated and try not to spend too much time in the direct sun if you can help it.

With the A/C on full blast for the first time today, I am finally fully dressed in my apartment (well, almost. Pants are the enemy right now).

Now, I am just going to enjoy the cool climate and pretend to be comfortable!


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